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  • Expert tips : From Easygenerator CEO Kasper Spiro as he delves into the do's and don'ts of content creation.
  • Tricks to engage your audience: Learn to keep your audience engaged and wanting more.
  • The value of feedback: Advice on improving yourself and your audience. Learn the correct ways of giving feedback.

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About the author:

Kasper Spiro is the CEO of Easygenerator and a recognized thought leader in the world of e-Learning with over 10K followers on linkedIN . With over 30 years of experience he is a frequently asked keynote speaker and well renowned blogger within the elearning community.

Kasper Spiro, CEO Easygenerator
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6 Actionable tips from Easygenerator CEO Kasper Spiro 

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About Easygenerator: 

Easygenerator provides cloud-based eLearning authoring software. Easygenerator enables subject matter experts to rapidly create engaging courses that have the highest learning impact. Easygenerator is affordable, easy to use, and future proof. Simply create, design, publish courses, and track your learners result with Easygenerator. Used and loved by 30.000+ users in more than 150 countries. Easygenerator’s headquarter is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


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